Air Sealing

What Is Air Sealing?

Do you live in a drafty house? Are you constantly battling the elements to keep your home comfortable?

We’re here to help! At Blown Away Insulation, our number one priority is making sure that your home is safe, healthy, and comfortable—and we know that starts with sealing up the cracks around your windows and doors.

Air sealing helps to improve your home’s efficiency and keep temperatures stable. When we send a professional from our team to visit your home, they will use state-of-the-art techniques to locate air leaks and correct the problem. By injecting foam to seal up the cracks around your windows, doors, ducts, vents, and other openings, we can prevent drafts and air leaks, which means that you can keep more of your heating or air conditioning energy inside where it belongs.

Why Should You Consider Air Sealing?

Air sealing your home will not only result in more stable temperatures, but it can also reduce heat loss and noise pollution. It also helps to properly regulate moisture levels in your home and avoid condensation issues which can lead to much more serious problems like mold. You can even expect your indoor air quality to improve as a result of properly remediating air leaks in your home.

Your house will be safer, healthier, and more comfortable when it’s not wasting energy on keeping out the elements. Of course, the biggest incentive for many owners is to cut energy costs. When you don’t waste heating or A/C, you’ll save money on energy bills! We’ve seen homeowners experience up to a 24% decrease in energy usage per month as a result of proper air sealing.

Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

Your Air Sealing Experts in the North Texas Metroplex

We’re located in Anna and proud to serve the North Texas Metroplex for all of your insulation and air sealing needs. Your home is in good hands when you entrust it to the professionals at Blown Away Insulation. All of our technicians are insured and bonded, highly trained in the latest technology, and dedicated to a job well done. Call us today to get started!